Working and living in Spain

What is it actually like to work abroad?

Working in Spain is culturally very different than back home. The weather is nice and the locals are lovely . Working in Spain you will need to speak fluent Spanish to work here, as finding a job can be hard it’s self. But knowing the language fluently is even more challenging. Working here can be hard as there are lots of homeless people here. The youth unemployment is at a all time rise due to the euro crunch which affected the economy and the people of Europe and Spain which costs many jobs and many organisations to collapse.

Living in Spain what’s it like?

Living in Spain is really nice they have beautiful accommodations and very helpful people there are many bars cafes and restaurants to find food and beverages. It’s not the cheapest of places – Sevilla – but it’s round reasonable. Some places can be expensive depending on where you go. I would recommend smaller cafes and bars for cheaper prices than the tourist places. Don’t mention your a tourist in a small local business either or you will get ripped off.

What’s there to do?

There’s lots of activities to do from Segway classes. To Yoga there is finding Europe’s largest infrastructure and climbing to the top of it. There’s flamenco and boat rides. Salsa lessons and much more fun activities to do.

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